Story of the JookMiRyung Battle

On July 5th, the first battle between the United Nations and North Korea took place in the JookMiRyung Valley in Osan City.

When Task Force Smith arrived at 3 am, it was raining hard and they prepared a battle station nearby both the train tracks and road. Division B was placed on the left side of the road, and the Division C was placed on the right side of the train tracks. A 105mm cannon was placed in SooChungRee, at the back of the JookMiRyung valley.

At 7 am, the North Korean tanks begin to appear near Suwon. The battle began at 8:16am when Task Force Smith fired the first shot. Unfortunately, the attack did not impact the North Korean army, as they were led by Russian T-34 tanks.

Around 10:00 am, more North Korean army and trucks—all together about 10 km long—appeared led by 3 tanks.

Task Force Smith begin shooting their mortars and machine guns and many soldiers, both enemy and ally, fell to the ground.

However, after the North Korean army blocked the retreating road of the Smith Army and the tanks pushed into the center of the Task Force Smith force, the defense line collapsed quickly.

After the exhaustion of all their ammunition and force, Task Force Smith decided to retreat at 2:30 PM. Out of 540 total, 150 soldiers and 31 cannon soldiers were either killed or missing in action. By comparison, the North Korean army only lost about 150 soldiers out of 5000.

Despite the loss, this first battle announced the participation of the UN army. Up until this point, North Korea did not think that either the U.S. or UN would get involved. It was also the first military action taken by the UN after their foundation in order to protect liberty and peace.



Honor Roll

Billy G. Abell, 52Nd A, Leavenworth, IN
Louis V. Acevedo, C Co, Roswell, NM
Raymond E. Adams, Med Co, Augusta, GA
George A. Adams, Med Co, St. Roberts, MO
Clarence R. Agee, 52Nd, A Med, Cameron, NC
Joseph T. Agustoni, B Co, Stoneham, MA
Cyrilo Ahmer, CO, (Home Unknown)
Ramon Alba, B Co, Los Angeles, CA
Seymour Albin, 52Nd Hq, Flushing, NY
Jimmie Allen, B Co, Floyd County, KY
Omer L. Anderson, C Co, Floydada, TX
Everret C. Andrews, Kmag, (Home Unknown)
Edward F. Aronson, C Co, Carrboro, NC
Robert J. Aukerman, C Co, Wayne County, OH

George Badavinac, Hq 1St, Pengilly, MN
Troy W. Bailey, B Co, Stanislaus, CA
Harvey N. Bailey, C Co, Livingston, TX
Jake W. Bailey, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Chester L. Bailey, 52Nd A, Bunnieville, KY
Johnny W. Baker, Hq 1St, Wayne, OK
Robert E. Barnes, 52Nd A, Shawnee, OK
Royce R. Barr, C Co, Easton, PA
Salomon Barraza, C Co, El Paso County, TX
Walter L. Bartlow, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Albert E. Bash, Hq 1St, (Home Unknown), WA
Donald W. Bashaw, 52Nd, Ft. Covington, NY
Luther R. Batey Jr, Hq 1St, Polk County, AR
Leroy V. Baumgartner, D Co, Bluffton, IN
Harold R. Bealmer, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Alfred Beasley, 52Nd A, Lawton, OK
Claude F. Bengston, 52Nd Hq, Mankato, MN
Thomas N. Berardi, B Co, North Bellingham, MA
Carl F. Bernard, B Co, Alexandria, VA
Russell W. Bertholf Jr, Hq 1St, Round Rock, TX
Eugene Billo, 52Nd A, Crestline, OH
Larry L. Blair, Hq 1St, Woodinville, WA
Elihude Bond, M Co, Tiger, KY
Earsel E. Bonds, Hq 1St, Lovington, NM
Lewis F. Bonner, 52Nd A, Picayune, MS
George H. Booth, B Co, (Home Unknown), OK
Alfred C. Bordeau, C Co, Bay City, MI
Robert R. Botzen, 52Nd Hq, Clinton, MI
Noy Boudreaux, C Co, (Home Unknown)
James A. Bradley Jr, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Bennie L. Brandvold, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Walter T. Brown, 52Nd A, Cullman, AL
Charles F. Brown, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Elton L. Brown, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles L. Brown, Hq 1St, Troy, TN
Lawrence S. Buck, 52Nd A, Plant City, FL
Edward G. Buckingham, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Van Bullman, B Co, (Home Unknown), NC
Ezra Burke, Med Co, Dumfries, VA
Donald D. Burke, 52Nd Hq, Strasburg, VA
Eldon L. Burns, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert J. Burns, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Ernest Burrows, 52Nd A, Aurora, CO
George E. Buskirk, B Co, Topeka, KS

Edward A. Cardinal, 52Nd Hq, Freeport, IL
Clifford R. Carey, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Wildred C. Carlson Jr, Co, (Home Unknown)
James C. Cassel, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Norman G. Cawthorn, D Co, Jefferson County, KY
Loran E. Chambers, C Co, Brown County, IL
Raymond L. Chapman, B Co, El Paso County, TX
Earnest J. Charles, Med Co, Tuscaloosa, AL
Paul N. Charles, C Co, Lycoming County, PA
Elvin M. Chinigo, Hq 1St, Livonia, LA
Joseph N. Chisholm, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
Joseph G. Christian, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Alton Christie, B Co, Hamilton, FL
Oliver C. Clark Jr, C Co, Strong Schoolhouse County, AL
Howard J. Clark, C Co, Munhall, PA
Oliver J. Cline, Med Co, Fayetteville, NC
Billy L. Cline, B Co, (Home Unknown)
William C. Coe, B Co, Cohoes, NY
Earl N. Colbey, Med Co, Trinidad, CO
Wilbur B. Colford, B Co, Fairfield, ME
David L. Colombe, B Co, Rosebud, SD
Richard A. Confer, B Co, Tioga County, PA
Francis P. Conner, C Co, Schulenburg, TX
Karl F. Connick, Hq 1St, West Chazy, NY
Ollie D. Connor, B Co, Carrollton, TX
Paul I. Conrad, Hq 1St, New Salisbury, IN
Henry Consigli Jr, 21St Wood County, WV
Willis C. Corder, Kmag, Carthage, MO
Adonis L. Cordova, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Joseph Cormier, Hq 1St, East Hartford, CT
James H. Cornett, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Samuel E. Cosby, B Co, Hampton, AR
Richard B. Coulter, (Company Unknown), Home Unknown)
Boyd E. Cox, B Co, Whitley County, KY
Jansen C. Cox, B Co, Woodlawn, VA
Doyle Cox, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Calvin C. Creeson, Hq 1St, Winston Salem, NC
John T. Crespo, C Co, Wampum, PA
Patrick Cress Jr, C Co, Orlando, FL
Herman V. Critchfield, 52Nd A, Orlando, FL
Jesse C. Crumley, 52Nd Fa, Pulaski, TN
Richard E. Cummings, 52Nd, Pittsburg, PA
Clifford E. Currier, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Roy C. Curry, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Paul J. Curtis, 52Nd A, Fordyce, AR

Richard Dashner, C Co Cmndr, Waco, TX
George P. Davis, C Co, Pawhuska, OK
Phillip S. Day Jr, C Co, Columbus, GA
Julius J. De Crescenzo, B Co, (Home Unknown)
William C. Denson, B Co, Franklin, KR
Leo Denton, M Co, Cave City, AR
Kenneth Dibble, C Co, Lebanon, PA
Lester H. Diekmann, 52Nd Hq, Readlyn-Bremer, LA
Robert J. Dietrich, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Harold E. Dill, C Co, Summerville, SC
Robert G. Dillon, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Jaime O. Domeneck, C Co, San Juan, PR
Fred J. Donovan, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John J. Doody, B Co, Ft. Belvoir, VA
Daniel Doxie, 52Nd Hq, Port Charlotte, FL
Albert W. Draper, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Clyatt R. Du Bose, Hq 1St, Tampa, FL
Clarence F. Dunn, B Co, Lapasas, TX
Joseph D. Dye, C Co, (Home Unknown)

Richard Eden, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Frederick H. Edenbauch, 5 Hq Bty, (Home Unknown)
Gerald P. Eickstadt, B Co, Ndspokane, WA
John R. Elderidge, C Co, 52Nd, Port Richey, FL
Douglas E. Elkins, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert S. Ellinger, B Co, Columbia, SC
Richard M. Elliott, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Raymond G. Ellis, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
George A. Espinosa, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Edwin A. Eversole, 52Nd A, An Antonio,TX

Joseph T. Falsetti, C Co, (Home Unknown), MI
Harold S. Fancher, Med Co, Fulton County, NY
George W. Farrens, B Co, (Home Unknown), TX
Chester E. Fasnacht, B Co, (Home Unknown), PA
Benjamin P. Ferguson, B Co, Haskell, OK
George W. Fetty, B Co, (Home Unknown)
David L. Fetzer, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Gerald J. Fields, B Co, Los Angeles, CA
John W. Finley, D Co, (Home Unknown)
William C. Firebaugh, 52Nd A, Homersville, OH
Donald E. Fisher, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert B. Fitzgerald, 52Nd Hq, Rensselaer, NY
William C. Fleming, Med Co, Alameda, CA
Grady H. Flook, 52Nd Hq, Lhambra, CA
Marvin F. Foote, Med Co, Grand Rapids, MI
Carl T. Formhals, Med Co, Ottawa, IL
Earnest A Fortuna, Med Co, Chalmette, LA
Norman Fosness, B Co, Fargo, ND
Robert H. Fountain, Hq 1St, Macon, GA
William C. Fox, B Co, Lucas County, OH
John A. Fox, B Co Exec Off, Adams County, IL
Bruce France, 52Nd Hq, Gays Mills, WI
Raymond E. Freed, 52Nd A, New Castle, PA
Alfred R. French, Hq 1St, Phoenix, AZ
Cecil E. French, Svc Co, Crestwood, KY
Donald J. Fritsch, Hq & Hq, Cincinnati, OH
Charles L. Fronapfel, Med Co, Denver, CO
Glenn Funk, 52Nd, (Home Unknown)
Robert D. Furlow, Hq 1St, Mechanicville, NY

Gene Gabbard, 52Nd A, New York City, NY
Jose R. Garcia, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John P. Gartin, C Co, Adair County, KY
Nicolas C. Garza, C Co, Rockdale, TX
Hollis T. Gashaw, 52Nd A, Fort Gaines, GA
Raymond L. Geer, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Calvin E. Gilbert, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Nicola R. Giorgio, B Co, (Home Unknown), FL
James N. Glisson, B Co, (Home Unknown), FL
James R. Godbey, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert L. Golden, B Co, Montgomery County, OH
Hector M. Gonzales, 52Nd A, Austin, TX
Florentino Gonzales, B Co, Apartado Postal #90, Mexico
Jack P. Goodwin, C Co, Waco, TX
Kenneth C. Goodwin, B Co, Pekin, IL
Cecil R. Green, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles E. Greenwood, C Co, Monroe County, NY
Myron E. Gross, B Co, Beaver County, PA
Richard F. Guske, 52Nd A, Lombard, IL
Vance W. Gwinn, Hvy Mtr, Jacksboro, TX

Billy M. Haggard, B Co, Savannah, TN
Gilbert Hale, Hq 1St, Cazenovia, NY
Jack Halsey, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Rodney N. Hamaguchi, 52Nd, Honolulu, HI
William W. Hambrick Jr, B Co, (Home Unknown)
J. Bruce Haney, 52Nd, (Home Unknown)
Earl K. Harshman, 52Nd A, Bentleyville, PA
Herbert Hartley, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Roger W. Hartman, 52Nd A, Santa Fe, NM
George L. Hauck, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John P. Hawkins, Hq 1St, Monterey, CA
Charles L. Heddinger, Med Co, Louisville, KY
Henry W. Heit Jr, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Howard D. Held, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert P. Helmich, Med Co, Chenango Forks, NY
Charles R. Hendrix, B Co, Monroe County, AL
Elfred J. Hensley, C Co, Logan County, WV
Walter E. Henson, C Co, Alameda, CA
Eloy Herrera, B Co, Union County, NM
Donald J. Herting, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Larry B. Hidalgo, B Co, San Francisco, CA
Jack Higdon, M Co, (Home Unknown), FL
Melvin J. Hill, 52Nd A, Negaunee, MI
Frank Himan Jr, 52Nd A, Waianae, HI
Marion D. Hoagland, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles W. Hoffman, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Karl Jr. Hoher, B Co, Bronx, NY
Billie J. Holland, B Co, Alameda, CA
Willliam K. Holland, M Co, Loveland, OH
Richard Hoopman, 52Nd Hq Bty, (Home Unknown)
Glen W. Hornsby, B Co, (Home Unknown)
James A. Howard, Med Co, Marble Falls, TX
Ben M. Huckaby, 52Nd Hq, Antlers, OK
John J. Hudak, 52Nd Hq, Wilkes Barre, PA
James L. Huddleston, 52Nd, Los Angeles, CA
Carl H. Hudson, Chaplain, Old Ocean, TX
Charlie W. Huggins, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Olen Hunt, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Catron R. Hunter, 52Nd A, Madison, TN
Virgil E. Hunter, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John C. Hutchinson, (Company Unknown), Wayne County, MS
Harvey L. Hyslop, B Co, (Home Unknown)

Gail Jeffries, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Harland D. Jenkins, Med Co, Shawnee, KS
Roy L. Jenkins, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles W. Jeremiah, C Co, Willisville, IL
Boris Jiuliani, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Leonard N. John, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
Harold A. Johnson, B Co, Waynesboro, MS
Fred A. Johnson, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Clifford R. Johnson, Hq 1St, Collinsville, IL
Thomas D. Jones, 52Nd - 105S, Hancock, WV
Arthur M. Jones, C Co, Baltimore, MD
Benjamin F. Jordan, B Co, Audrain County, MO

Robert J. Kahley, Hq 1St, Gharrets Hill, PA
Bobby A. Kephart, C Co, (Home Unknown)
James P. Key, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Ralph E. King, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Edward M. King, 52Nd Fa Hq, Anderson County, TN
Pierre Kirby, C Co Xo, (Home Unknown)
Robert J. Kirchner, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Earl E Kline, B Co, Mayville, MI
James H. Kobayashi, (Company Unknown), (Home Unknown)
Kermit K. Koch, Med Co, Fredricksburg, TX
James C. Koflink, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Andrew Kotik, Hq Co, (Home Unknown)
David T. Krouse, B Co, Clarion County, PA
William L. Kugler, 52Nd Hq, (Home Unknown)
Kenneth P. Kunes, C Co, (Home Unknown)

Haden R. Lacey, B Co, Willits, CA
Melvin H. Lane, B Co, Mason County, IL
Joseph A. Langone, B Co, San Diego, CA
Paul A. Larson, B Co, Duluth, MN

Robert B. Learn, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Harry J. Leeper, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
John Leonard, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
Tellasphord W. Lesperance, 52Nd A, Watonga, OK
Charles W. Lewis, C Co, New Carlisle, OH
Howard R. Loden, 52Nd A, Crossville, TN
Mildon H. Loge, B Co, Albert Lea, MN
Edward E. Loomis, Hq Co, (Home Unknown)
Frank H. Loughead, Hq 1St, Paradise, CA
Vincent O. Lundeen, Pioneer/21St, Cass County, MN
John S. Lycan Jr, C Co, Nez Perece County, ID
Trenton R. Lyon, C Co, (Home Unknown)

Alan Macaulay, B Co, Bay City, MI
(First Name Unknown) Madey, A Co, (Home Unknown)
Andrew J. Maestas, C Co, (Home Unknown)
William C. Mann, 52Nd Hq, Indian Mound, TN
Ernest Marcum, 21St, Hazard, KY
Richard G. Markland, 52Nd A, Fairfield, CA
(First Name Unknown) Martin, Hq S-4, (Home Unknown)
Floyd Martin, Hq 1St, Tucker, GA
Chester A. Masters, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Virgel O. Masters, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Norman P. Mathews, C Co, Dexter, MN
Donald J. Mathews, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
Jose A. Maury, 52Nd A, Bronx, NY
Lloyd H. Mayo, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Arthur Mc Anallen, C Co, Butler County, PA
Billy M. Mc Carthy, Hq 1St, Columbus, OH
Jimmy C. Mc Cord, C Co, Benton County, WA
Robert J. Mc Coy, B Co, Barton, VT
Ernest D. Mc Donald, 52Nd A, Spencer, WV
William R. Mc Gill, B Co, Lock Haven, PA
Frank J. Mc Glinchey, B Co, Philadelphia, PA
Robert E. Mc Keon, B Co, Worcester, MA
Lawrence E. Mc Knight, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Earl E. Mc Laughlin, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Marshall Mc Pherson, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
Beecher M. Mefford, Hq Co, Adams County, OH
Raymond B. Mellin, Med Co, Cornwall On Hudson, Ny
Ralph C. Merrill Jr, B Co, Meredith, NH
Ralph E. Merriman, Hq 1St, Clarks County, OH
Thomas R. Michael, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Douglas Middleton, 21St, Washington County, NY
Ralph Middleton, 52Nd Hq, Harlan County, KY
Titus E. Miller, 52Nd A, Red Lion, PA
Doyle Mills, (Company Unknown), Brownwood, TX
(First Name Unknown) Modey, A Co, (Home Unknown)
Jeremiah F. Mongan, B Co, Washington County, MD
Manuel V. Montezdeoca, B Co, Puyallup, WA
J. R. Moody, B Co, St. Helena Parrish, LA
Willliam G. Moon, 52Nd A, Philadelphia, PA
Gale S. Moore, Hq 1St, Seattle, WA
James F. Morrison, D Co, Schoolcraft County, MI
William A. Mullens, B Co, Arlington, TX
Vernon G. Mulligan, B Co, Washington County, MD
Max E. Myers, Med Co, (Home Unknown), NC

Alfonso T. Natera Jr, M Co, El Paso, TX
Joe B. Nicholson, B Co, Muscogee County, GA
James J. Nielsen, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert C. Niemann, C Co, Sumner, IA
Vangall J. Noun, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Ambrose H. Nugent, 52Nd Hq, Merrill, WI

Bill G. Oakley, B Co, Fountain INn, SC
Charlie N. O’bryan, C Co, (Home Unknown)
George Y. Oka, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Irving L. Oliver, 34Th, (Home Unknown), OK
Sigurd C. Olson, C Co, Ethel, ME
Isao F. Onishi, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Eleazar M. Ortiz, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Edwin L. Overholt, Md, Btn Surgeon, Lacrosse, WI
Vola J. Owens, 52Nd A, Hamilton County, OH

Theodore Pacheco, 52Nd A, Waiakoa Kula, HI
Harry Page, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Allen Palmer, Kmag, Menton, IL
Harold E. Parsons, (Company Unkonwn), Grays Harbor, WA
Michael M. Paskovich, C Co, Adams County, PA
Donald R. Patten, 52Nd Hq, (Home Unknown)
Lewis J. Patterson, B Co, Deadwood, SD
Calvin W. Patterson, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Marvin S. Patton, B Co, Tazewell, VA
Ruble F. Peacemaker, (Company Unknown), Fredrick, VA
Joseph L. Pease, 52Nd A, Indianopolis, IN
Salvatore Pennisi, (Company Unknown), Bronx, NY
Isadore O. Peppe, 52Nd Hq, Tacoma, WA
Albert A. Perry, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Miller O. Perry, 52Nd Hq, East Lansing, MI
Lawrence Phillips, (Company Unknown), Mcdonough County, IL
Richard E. Phillips, C Co, Lima, OH
Jack Phillips, Hq 1St, Seminary, MS
William A. Picard, B Co, Point Coupee Parish, LA
Richard Pierson, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Rufus E. Pitts, C Co (Home Unknown)
George C. Pleasant, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Milton D. Plummer, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Vincenzo Jr. Polisano, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Lawrence Powers, Hq 1St, Tucson, AZ
George R. Pretino, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Eugene F. Pruitt, C Co, Greenville, SC
Donald M. Pugh, D Co, Muskogee, OK

Allen J. Quick, Hq 1St, Bonifay, FL
Harry J. Quinn, B Co, (Home Unknown)
William H. Quint, B Co, Armstrong, MO
Simon Quinteros Sr, B Co, Temple, TX

Joseph Rachel Jr, A Co, (Home Unknown)
Fred M. Recob, 52Nd A, Chillicothe, OH
Noah Redpaint, C Co, Shannon County, SD
Audrey B. Revlett, Hvy Mtr, Calhoun, KY
Leslie L. Reynolds, 52Nd Hq, Philadelphia, PA
Larry W. Rhea, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Henry L. Rhodes, B Co, Killeen, TX
Clarence H. Rhodes, Hvy Mtr, Orlando, FL
Gustav Rieleder, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Howard L. Ripple, 52Nd Hq. Allegany, MD
Raymond J. Ritter, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John W. Robbins, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert V. Robey, D Co, Washington, DC
Robert A. Rock, Med Co, (Home Unknown), NY
Clyde T. Rockwell, M Co, Silver Bow County, MT
Charles W. Rogers, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Joseph T. Ronan, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles E. Rosengrant, B Co, Ft. Pierce, FL
Joseph Roshel, A Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert Roy, (Company And Home Unknown)
Floyd A. Roy, B Co, Duluth, MN
Jack L. Ruffner, 52Nd, (Home Unknown)

Ignacio A. Saavedra, B Co, El Paso,TX
Robert W. Sabins, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Richard Salazar, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles E. Salsbury, 52Nd Hq, Kanawah,WV
Roger W. Salvadore, A Co, Willoughby, OH
John H. Sanchez, 52Nd Hq, Waukesha, WI
Thomas Santiago Jr, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Richard Saporiti, B Co, (Home Unknown)
James A. Sawle, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert Sawyer, Hq 1St, Summerfield, FL
Howard H. Saxton, C Co, (Home Unknown)
William H. Schellenger, B Co, Harris County, TX
James F. Schultz Jr, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Leonard O. Schultz, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Warren C. Schutter, Med Co, (Home Unknown), PA
Dwaine L. Scott, 52Nd, Leavenworth, KS
Neil R. Scott, Med Co, Hillsboro, OH
Harry R. Scott, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Amos L. Scott, D Co, Accomack County, VA
Reynaldo A. Sedillos, 52Nd A, Fierro, NM
Lyle H. Shaffer, C Co, (Home Unknown), PA
Harold E. Sharp, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Earl W. Shewalter, B Co, (Home Unknown), WA
Roy D. Shonk, 52Nd A, Lawton, OK
James E. Shortt, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Willard J. Sibley, 52Nd Sv Bty, Bradford County, PA
Donald F. Signor, 52Nd A, Spokane, WA
Raymond C. Simpson, C Co, Lake Elsinore, CA
Carl C. Simpson, 52Nd Hq, Lawton, OK
Bobbie J. Simpson, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Marion L. Singleton, B Co, Tom Green County, TX
Jessie Lee Sizemore, 52Nd A, Madison, MS
Robert J. Skiba, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Bobbie E. Smiley, 52Nd A, Gaffney, SC
Roy N. Smiley, 52Nd A, Gaffney, SC
James J. Smilie, B Co, Larimer County, Co
Charles Smith, Hq 1St, Scottsdale, AZ
James F. Smith, Hq 1St, Cumberland County, ME
Charles Ray Smith, B Co, Oakley, CA
Charles W. Smith, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Clarence F. Smith, C Co, (Home Unknown), CA
James H. Smith, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Charles H. Smith Sr, 52Nd A, Geneva, AL
Darnell Snell, 52Nd Hq, (Home Unknown)
Ole A. Sorenson, C Co, (Home Unknown)
David J. Southerland, Med Co, (Home Unknown)
Freeman Sparks, 52Nd, Hamilton County, OH
Donald D. Sparks Jr, 52Nd 105, Summit,OH
Will H. Stacy, 52Nd A, Clouterville, LA
George A. Stamper, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Chester A. Stanchik, 52Nd A, Stevens Point, WI
Robert Stanley Jr, B Co, Anderson County, TN
Robert D. Stephens, 52Nd A 105, Clayton, KS
Howard A. Stevens, 52Nd Hq, Pass Christian, MS
Darwin R. Stevens, B Co, (Home Unknown)
John T. Stoffel, 52Nd A, Cincinnati, OH
Walter C. Stokes, B Co, Van Buren, AR
Wilbur B. Stout, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Martin A. Strahan, B Co, Alcona County, MI
Willie B. Sturgeon, C Co, Rogers, OH
Eugene F. Sweet, C Co, (Home Unknown)
James Swiniarski, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Norman R. Swink, 52Nd A, Price, UT

Tomio Tadaki, A Co, Waipahu, HI
Melding G. Takita, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Joe H. Talbert, B Co, Alameda, CA
Marvin E. Talbert, Hq 1St, Alamance County, NC
Goichi Tamaye, M Co, Honolulu, HI
Eugene Tanner, 52Nd Hq, (Home Unknown)
Calvin J Taylor, Med Co, Adams County, IL
Donald E. Tennier, Med Co, (Home Unknown), CA
Yoshin Bu Teruya, D Co, (Home Unknown), HI
Jerry Dwayne Thomas, 21St, Mason City, IA
Richard E. Thomas, C Co, Palm Beach, FL
Charles R. Thomas, B Co Cmndr, (Home Unknown)
Ray A. Thompson, B Co, Accomack County, VA
Theron C. Thompson, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Robert A. Thompson, C Co, (Home Unknown)
James Lee Thompson Jr, 52Nd A, Heflin, AL
William H. Thornton, B Co, Millington, TN
Raymond B. Timmers, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Bobby A. Tingle, B Co, Pamlico County, NC
George B. Trammell, B Co, Pineville, KY
Robert A. Trevits, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Rufus F. Tutts, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Jack L. Twiford, B Co, (Home Unknown)

Calvin Van Winkle, B Co, Fort Calhoun, NE
Harvey T. Vann, C Co, Portland, OR
Vincent T. Vastano, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Vincent A. Vega, B Co, Chicago, IL
Albert A. Vincent, B Co, Kearney, MO
Lowell N. Vines, Hq 1St, Temple, GA
Jerry Vitale, 52Nd 105, New York, NY

Vernon L. Wade, B Co, Hamilton County, OH
Edward E. Wahlert, 52Nd A, Dexter, IA
Joseph A. Walintukonis, B Co, (Home Unknown), CT
Wilbert “Al” Walker, 52Nd Hq, Hubbard, OH
Lonnie G. Walker, Med Co, Munday, TX
Charles R. Walterhouse, C Co, Calhoun County, MI
Robert Warren, 52Nd 105 Fire Direction, Erie, PA
Lawrence I. Watanabe, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Paul E. Watson, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Edward M. Weber, B Co, (Home Unknown)
George D. Weidensall, C Co, Beckley, WV
Harold E. Wells, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John G. White Jr, 52Nd Hq, Cook County, IL
Eugene White, B Co, Summersville, WV
Larnce L. White, B Co, Santa Barbara, CA
Elisha Whitehead, C Co, (Home Unknown)
William E. Wilburn, Hq 1St, Killen, Al
Jack T. Wilke, B Co, Des Moines, IA
Lawrence J. Williams, B Co, (Home Unknown)
James Williams, C Co, (Home Unknown)
John J. Williams, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Zellmon W. Willis, 52Nd, Pensacola, FL
Jess E. Wilson, 52Nd A, Santa Monica, CA
Ransome Wolford Jr, B Co, Pikeville, KY
Virgil J. Wolford, B Co, (Home Unknown)
Ernest C. Wood, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Fred W. Wyant, B Co, (Home Unknown)
William E. Wyrick, C Co, Columbia, SC

Robert Y. Yonesaki, C Co, (Home Unknown)
Seung Kook Yoon, 52Nd Hq Translator, Kwanyang Dong, Korea
Gordon York, Kmag, Trementon, UT
Toshiharu Yoshikawa, B Co, Maui, HI
Nelson Young, 32Nd Rgt, Suffolk Counti, MA

Anselmo Zamora, B Co, New Branfels, TX
Robert Zappernich, Hq 1St, Johnstown PA



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